Chuck StanleyChuck Stanley is a married father of two, but that’s not all!  He’s also a computer hardware, software, gadget, Internet, podcasting and social media geek.  His interests vary in gaming (PC and XBox 360 presently), science, books, sports, and movies.  Chuck’s also the Producer and co-host of the EaglesFanCast podcast, and the producer for his wife Maureen’s podcast, Hold The Gluten.  Chuck works in IT, and has on various levels for the last 20+ years.  He considers himself a middle-of-the-road geek, having owned an original Pong console game, Atari 2600, Commodore 64, built his last five PC’s, has computers running Linux, is a big Star Wars and Star Trek fan, but has never once played D&D or dressed as a Klingon, despite attending New York Comic Con a handful of times.  This iPhone carrying, Jeep driving, tomato growing, meat eating guy is also a huge fan of the Philadelphia Eagles (has season tickets), loves zombies and apocalyptic fiction.

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BryanBryan has been happily married for 11 years, has no kids, and is happier because of it. Bryan is a shameless and prolific cigar aficionado. He’s a whiskey man, who has been known to swear on occasion.

Bryan has worked as an IT technical instructor and consultant for most of his adult life and loves every minute of it.

His writing is rebellious yet poignant and drips with sarcasm. His favorite topics include his very hot wife, gaming, information technology, freedom of thought and expression, cigars and booze, and his unique observations about the absurdity of human life.


Roman GriffenRoman Griffen is a 40+ year old writer living in Princeton, NJ. He has published a couple of books, has written multiple short stories, and can currently be found on YouTube, where he has a series of videos reviewing books.


Fred SwainFred Swain: A smart, funny, self absorbed Father, Husband, Sports Fan, History Buff, (Actully, I have a piece of paper from a degree granting institution but hope to soon qualify for “buff” status with only 72 more hours of The History Channel to go) and Marketer Extraordinaire!

His Turn-Ons Include: Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain

His Turn-Offs Include: People who are fake or self absorbed


billI am old, fat and have hair on almost all of my body except for a 3 inch diameter crop circle on the top of my head. Much to my beautiful wife’s chagrin, I fart in increasingly inappropriate places and have been known to giggle uncontrollably when it happens. The wife walks away shaking her head and mumbling something that sounds an awful lot like “shit head”, but I digress. I have 5 great kids (2 boys and 3 girls) ranging in age from 9 years to 10 months old. This should end up being the bulk of my source material. My boys have decided that if I were a Star Wars character, I would be BOBA FATT. Funny. I’ll remember that when they need something like a car or a kidney. They are good, well adjusted kids, despite me telling them that life is nothing but a series of disappointments. I often threaten to get in shape. My home gym equipment surprisingly is not at all threatened by this idea, as it knows me too well. I feel that salt should be a major part of the food pyramid and I could live on nothing but pizza (provided it’s not from Papa Domino Hut), and Yuengling. I went to college to be a professional pilot and that dream was run over by a minivan driven by a pregnant woman. I’m not really into sports at all, and can’t really understand what would possess someone to not only dress in Steelers black and yellow from head to toe, but adorn his Steelers yellow pickup truck, right down to the Steelers rims and window decals, in all things Steelers. I’ve seen those guys all my life and they all seem to have the same mustache, but again, I digress. I have brewed my own beer, thrown myself willingly from a perfectly good airplane, flown a 60 year old fabric covered airplane in 35 knot winds, fused metal with fire, cut off the tip of a finger with a table saw and have never lost a fight. OK, OK, so I’ve always been in the bathroom while my friends are getting their asses kicked, but that’s a technicality. Anyway, that’s me and you’re you and hopefully you find me mildly amusing and not majorly annoying. Late!!


Shawn Cumiskey is a married man with one son who has fulfilled his destiny by continuing the bloodline.  I have been a geek all my life and learned to be proud of it sometime around 1995.  I am a 4 for 4 Philadelphia sports fan.  I grew up watching GI Joe, Transformers, He-Man, and Voltron which probably helped lead into my love of comics.  I like my house cold and dark like a cave, which I can’t say my wife is on board with, but without a doubt adds to my love of Batman.  I grew up a Marvel kid, but have become a DC guy.  I love them because they are an extension of mythology which I am a huge fan of thanks to my freshman history teacher.  On top of that I have been working in the chemical industry for almost 10 years to solidify my geekdom.


Chad is happily married (sorry ladies) and a father of two girls… now who said God doesn’t have a sense of humor? He likes long walks on the beach and someone to share them with. OK, not really. In reality, Chad is a sports-a-holic, video game playing, beer drinking aficionado, who just happens to be the reigning champ in his fantasy football league.

He enjoys following, playing or coaching almost every sport and follows three of the four Philadelphia sports teams and until hell freezes over, he will continue to be a die-hard Cowboys fan! Recently Chad began following English Premier League soccer all because of playing the FIFA 09 video game. Go Chelsea! While not coaching four different teams in soccer, softball and T-Ball, Chad works in the IT Industry as an Operations Director/Consultant with a specialization in process improvement. Chad is also a big fan of 80’s movies, movie quotes, history and trivia (i.e. useless knowledge). Oh, and the one thing he hates more than stupid people, are clowns; seriously, they’re just not that funny folks.



An aficionado of Korean cars, value meals and generally anything free, I use writing as a means of embellishing my many modest accomplishments. I often claim to have any number of degrees from various unaccredited academic institutions. I am proof that humans can consume Sea Monkeys and survive. I am married to a wonderful woman who obviously had very low expectations when it came to choosing a mate. My two children have quickly surpassed me in intelligence and are blessed to look like their mother.