BoneMan’s Daughters
By Ted Dekker

401 Pages
Center Street Publishing
Division of: Hachette Book Group

Page 2

Most of the time verifying and assessing intel was like looking at a circuit board through a telescope. Or like trying to open a tin of canned food with a tuba.

Oh my GOD! That is funny. Open a tin of canned food with a tuba. LOL Holy shit I can’t stop laughing. I’m being sarcastic. That’s stupid. A tin of canned food? LOL Now THAT is funny. Not a tin can. Not a can of tuna. A tin of canned food. Sorry excuse for a metaphor. I understand humor was the target but that target was badly missed. And yes the second sentence of his is a sentence fragment but remember…it’s creative writing.

Page 10

Let me set this one up for you. The driver mentioned in the following passage is a soldier driving a Humvee in Iraq and they’re taking fire. Is his reaction warranted? Take a look.

“Crap!” The driver, who had been fixated on the convoy’s tracks, slammed on the brakes. “Crap, down, down, down!”

LOL Crap? LOL I’m not saying that EVERYONE curses. However, when someone is shooting a rocket at your vehicle, I have a feeling that “crap” isn’t a response that would be given. Crap. I guess he thought the exclamation point after “crap” would” really drive the point home and make it rough. LOL It’s also funny too: Crap, down, down, down! Well I don’t know anyone who can shit, up, up, up. Ancient Irish proverb say: You can’t shite higher than your arse. I think that “Crap…down, down, down,” would have worked better. Ohhhhh fire trucks, they’re shooting at us again. What the French toast is wrong with those people!? When is this freakin’ war gonna end?

Page 17

I’ll set this one up too. The following is two teen-aged girls talking.

“Uh-huh, just the freakin beginning, what did I freaking tell you?”

“Is everything freaking with you?”

LOL You know…I wouldn’t even hang out with a girl that had a potty mouth like that. Little bitch. If she’s going to talk like a truck driver, let her hang with truck drivers! She wouldn’t need me as a friggin friend.

Page 25

The following is in reference to a soldier who was attacked during the Humvee Crap Rocket incident.

His memory of the firefight lit up his mind like a bomb blast.

Let me be the first to use a grown up word. Give me a fuckin break. Lit up his mind like a bomb blast? Let’s get real…seriously. That is so hoakie.

His eyelids fluttered open to see a dimly lit room.

I HATE people who have seeing eyelids. Don’t those people get on your nerves?

Page 34

A crew cut topped Assistant Director in Charge’s large square head,…

I wonder if he tried to make that sentence sound like an abortion, or does writing shit like that just come natural to him?

Page 39

They had a male killer who weighed roughly a hundred and seventy to two hundred pounds, wore Brahma boots, and drove a Ford F-150 pickup. Helpful, but by no means isolating. In the Republic of Texas, everybody wore boots and drove trucks and could sing “Dixie” from memory.

LOL Ok, I see the boots and the truck. Where the FUCK does singin Dixie come in? LOL That is just flat out stupid. So here’s what we’ll do. We’ll stake out all the karaoke bars and wait for a guy to drive up in an F-150 and if he’s wearing boots, we’ll follow him inside. If he sings Dixie and DOESN’T look at the monitor…he’s our man! Arrest ‘im! The murderin son of a bitch.
I wish I were in the land of cotton, where knowin how to write has bennnnn forgotten…

Page 68

Ok, on this page the military guy held captive decides to give his captors the wrong street address of his wife and daughter. He’s going to give them an address that doesn’t exist. In this day and age that is just fucking stupid. You could Mapquest the address or go to to find if it’s valid.

Page 69

Ok, LOL, he gives them the wrong address and the following ensues:

The radio crackled. Soon. Only seconds had passed. They’d planned this down to the last detail.

“The address doesn’t exist,” a voice said in Arabic.

NO SHIT! LOL They planned it to the LAST detail. Umm, let’s have a computer handy to check the address JUST in case he doesn’t tell us the truth and gives us a fake one! LOL Very dumb.

Page 86

His legs shook as if they were in a blender.

Wouldn’t your legs get mauled if they were in a blender? Sure they’d shake but…I don’t get it.

I read 102 pages of this masterpiece. My conclusion? I’m not sure there is a story. IF there is one, it’s well hidden. I THINK he’s trying to hint that the military guy in custody IS the Boneman but that makes no sense. The Boneman is in prison when this is happening. Now, it’s brought out that the man in prison might NOT be the Boneman. Ok. However, when the military man is forced to kill people the same way the Boneman did, it’s AFTER the Boneman murders. So, IF the author wants you to think the military man is the Boneman and the man in prison isn’t…it’s idiotic. The story…for lack of a better word…sucks. As you can see, the writing isn’t the tightest. So, hence, therefore…don’t waste time with this shit. I feel there is an attempt here to be suspenseful but it fails worse than any Oprah Winfrey weight loss plan.