This time I got an email from several women asking: “Must you constantly break our balls?” I didn’t realize you had balls. Perhaps you might need to be gelded? That question does raise an interesting…well, question. Why hasn’t anyone ever said anything about that phrase?

It’s never been considered sexist or politically incorrect to use the term: “Breaking your balls.” Why? Because it’s in reference to male genitalia and not female? I bet if the saying was “Kickin’ your pussy” there would have been a replacement by now. Well, only after a march on Washington, too much public outcry and that communist Jane Fonda flapping her pie hole. Women’s groups around the globe would have had it obliterated because it was sexist. Or it would have been replaced with something neutral and less wordy than the “powers that be” felt wouldn’t offend anyone. Maybe something along the lines of: “I’m just being destructive to your reproductive organs.”

What’s my point? My point is that you should just relax. “Break your balls” is still a widely used term because guys don’t care about such a reference. (We also have better things to do than worry about such a thing.) So when some guy posts names of famous women on a website and you don’t agree with his choices, get a giggle out of it if you can, and move on. We’re all just having fun here.

I am fully aware that I’ve upset several women with my posts, so allow me to apologize. I am sincerely sorr…I’m just “Crushin your tits”… I’m not going to apologize. And to answer the question the broads with balls sent me: Yes…I must.

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