Chad is happily married (sorry ladies) and a father of two girls… now who said God doesn’t have a sense of humor? He likes long walks on the beach and someone to share them with. OK, not really. In reality, Chad is a sports-a-holic, video game playing, beer drinking aficionado, who just happens to be the reigning champ in his fantasy football league. He enjoys following, playing or coaching almost every sport and follows three of the four Philadelphia sports teams and until hell freezes over, he will continue to be a die-hard Cowboys fan! Recently Chad began following English Premier League soccer all because of playing the FIFA 09 video game. Go Chelsea! While not coaching four different teams in soccer, softball and T-Ball, Chad works in the IT Industry as an Operations Director/Consultant with a specialization in process improvement. Chad is also a big fan of 80’s movies, movie quotes, history and trivia (i.e. useless knowledge). Oh, and the one thing he hates more than stupid people, are clowns; seriously, they’re just not that funny folks.

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