Bryan has been happily married for 11 years, has no kids, and is happier because of it. Bryan is a shameless and prolific cigar aficionado. He’s a whiskey man, who has been known to swear on occasion. Bryan has worked as an IT technical instructor and consultant for most of his adult life and loves every minute of it. His writing is rebellious yet poignant and drips with sarcasm. His favorite topics include his very hot wife, gaming, information technology, freedom of thought and expression, cigars and booze, and his unique observations about the absurdity of human life.

Finding Fideism (Fuh-day-ism)

I recently finished Martin Gardner‘s “The Whys of a Philosophical Scrivener”. Gardner is a Fideist, which describes anyone who uses faith to come to certain

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Why I Don’t Have Kids

I’ve compiled a list of reasons why we don’t have kids. Here they are: Kids are money-leeching, whiny little germ factories. Ask any parent. So

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My Take on Curling

How can anyone not be fascinated with Curling? Whenever it’s on the Olympics I watch it, and I sometimes find myself cheering. If you still

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What Bryan’s Playing

In September I was playing one game. Borderlands. With a buddy.

Now I can’t keep up with all the games I bought over the months. Especially since my job is keeping me very busy, which is a good problem to have these days.

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