About GUAC

The idea behind Guys Up A Creek is one of randomness.

We have come together to write about the interesting in this moment of our worlds.

Our simple goal is to find or produce the entertaining articles about the things that strike us as interesting, humorous, serious, mundane, or absurd. You may like some of it, but not all of it. That’s perfectly OK. We think there is plenty of diversity, and that you will find something to like here.

We play games, quote movies, use gadgets, raise children, drink beer and bourbon, read comics, offer advice, fly drones, listen to music, laugh at farts, fix computers, read books, play fantasy sports… well you get the idea. We know you do, too, that’s why you found us. The point is that we’re curious of the world around us and happy to be playing here.

Some of what you read will be serious, some will be, umm, the opposite of serious. We have the confidence in you to figure that out properly. We do hope that you are not easily offended by sarcasm, snarky comments, profanity, really bad jokes, really bad writing, or opposing political, religious or space alien views. If you are, we sincerely hope you take a deep breath, take a good look at what has offended you, evaluate your current state of mind, then write to us! Comment at will, send us an email, tell us how much you hate us or love us. We’re all happy to get some feedback.

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