Hello Unsuspecting World!

Release the hounds!

This is a new blog. Thanks for stopping in. But let’s be honest, you’re not here on our inaugural day, unless you’re one of the writers of this blog, or a spouse of one of the writers. If so, Hi, and thanks for the leftover meatballs and gravy! If you’re not, then you’re reading this after finding us somewhere as a link in the interwebitubes. Glad you found us and for taking a look around. There will be a bunch of posts about a bunch of different topics, so most likely you’ll find something that either makes sense or causes a giggle somewhere deep inside. We know your giggles are never allowed to be observed by other people, assuming you’re a guy like us.  It’s ok, really.

On this day we begin our journey of reviews, sarcasm, silliness, observations, rants, randomness, insanity and heartfelt diatribes. Well maybe not so much that last one, but we have plenty of the others.

So take a look at our About page for more information on what the hell we’re doing here. While you’re at it, get to know just a small bit of the complicated, multi-dimensional, intelligent writers on our site. When you’re waiting for more posts to appear, tell us what you think… comment on the posts, email us, have a blast. Conversation is always good.
You can subscribe to us as well, and snag every post as soon as it’s published.

More than anything, enjoy yourself, bitches!

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  1. Nice site boys! Looking forward to gleaning a whole lotta useless information on how the male think tank works!

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